As the summer approaches and we watch more sunsets, our minds tend to wander into our vault of memories from past summer experiences. ‘Memories' is the newest creation from CRÈME, the captivating genre-defying project from Jersey City native Trixie Reiss, responsible for the creation of the instrumental, songwriting, and vocals.

A pulsing low end and off-beat percussion support CRÈME's somber flow, which cascades almost melodically atop her thoughtful production. “There is a kind of melancholy which has haunted me thru life. If my voice holds a key to buried memories for my listeners from times gone by, this song delivers the emotion from which my voice was born – “Memories like a fleeting breeze, bouncing back and forth, keep me stripped and bound.”

CRÈME remarks, “I'm very proud of my production on “Memories”. My sound has been evolving rapidly since the birth of CRÈME. Mastering certain techniques have become paramount to me. The artists I love have impacted me, and I think I’m catching up. Now I’m totally stoked to present ”Memories”, it brings together the future and the past creating a moment that I, for one, will always remember.”

Always interested in groundbreaking sound, Reiss has been a part of various impactful subcultures. From her multi-platinum LP and #1 Billboard Dance hit she shares with the legendary electronic act The Crystal Method to her anthemic song “Shadow Games” from the Yu-Gi-Oh movie to her Billboard Dance charting singles and collaborations with Karsh Kale and The Burner Bros and synchs for various box office hit movies, national TV commercials and TV shows to her current reinvention as CRÈME, Reiss shows no sign of slowing down.

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