Whats up dance music fans! Glad to see you back with us on this gorgeous Tuesday of new music, up and coming artists, and of course, another installation of our Artist of the Week Series, now featuring Maniaxo!

Maniaxo is set to make her name in the electronic music community. Being self-taught and professionally trained in music production, the Canadian artist is establishing her own style in this male-dominated scene.

Her latest track, titled Yeah, is an absolute club banger that will really move a dance floor with a smooth combination of R&B, EDM, and of course touches and sound designs of classic house, will really leave you with your jaw dropped!

Fun but mostly deep and hard tech are the best words she employs to describe her melodies. Without further ado, I think you need to hear her new track, ‘YEAH’ and prove for yourself if it is catchy enough. Are you ready to uplift your mood?… Press play below

What’s particularly jaw-dropping is that she used to sing in a choir for years, and today she embarks on a completely different journey with EDM. Not to mention, she reached over 1,500,000 streams on Spotify from the very start. All this shows she started off this project on the right foot.