What is going on dance music fans! We love bringing you the best in up and coming music and we have an exciting new artist of the week, Demien Sixx! Demien Sixx is a head banging bass producer with an incredible on stage persona fixating on steam punk meets Mad Max in wild fashion.

Demien Sixx is not only all about a unique persona, but much more than that. He's all about the bass when it comes to electronic dance music and really knows how to move a crowd of head banging wildlings. We got a chance to sit down to discuss what Demien Sixx had to say about his newest record, his tunes, and lifestyle as an artist:

“Well, the album is truly a dubstep album with heavy bass house and electro house influence. The album contains several songs that have the goal of providing a lot of highly motivational energy. The songs are a good alternative to current styles being brought forth by producers like Excision, Sullivan King, and Knife Party. “

One of his coolest tracks that we've reviewed before is his Stranger Things remix This remix comes at a perfect time, as you all know Halloween is just around corner! Up and coming producer Demien Sixx takes us down a rabbit hole of killer sound designs, technical breakdowns, and of course, heavy hitting 808‘s and some scary sounding percussion patterns. The highlights of the track feature bits from the actual show, whether it be musical scores or actual lines from the characters. The record, although flooded with ‘Stranger Things' apparel, really finds its own niche in terms of production. Take a listen below:

With such a curious persona, and an obvious talent for production, we asked Demien Sixx where the inspiration comes from for his newest album. He had the following to say:

“The album can be typically promoted as a Halloween album, particularly due to the high number of halloween style songs, but also it's a great album for the season, Fall 2019 and Spring 2020 as it has a lot of themes that go far beyond Halloween focus.”

Lastly, we asked Demien Sixx if fans could take one thing from his newest album that is set to drop in the next week, what would it be:

“It would be great if you can listen to the main song Maximum Overdrive as it also contains the main subject of the album which is that we all carry the spirit of perseverance and the energy to overcome any obstacle or tragedy that may come into our lives to achieve our true potential in life!”

There are many artists that have been featured as our official artist of the week, however, Demien Sixx is definitely one of the coolest personalities we've had the pleasure of interviewing. Everything from his original take on bass music, heavy hitting remixes, and of course, his wild stage presence at his live shows. This is what really is at the heart of the dance music community; artists who once fell in love with music as a fan and begin their journey as a producer to share not only their creativity, but their soul with the rest of the community. We'll be featuring Demien Sixx's newest album next week! Be sure to check back! Cheers!