One the questions that most artists get asked is about their artistic inspirations. Who inspired them as artists? What inspired singles or even albums? Dua Lipa recently got asked that question about her hit single “Hotter Than Hell” and in her own words the track was born as “I was scrolling through Tumblr” all places!

Speaking to Rolling Stone, she revealed that she was going through a tough breakup as she was in the studio with Rituals an she tried to draw from that experience. “But when I wrote this song, I wanted it to seem like he couldn’t get enough me. The song] was good, but the chorus wasn’t quite there. We were like, ‘Let’s scrap it.’ And I was scrolling through Tumblr, and I see the words ‘Hotter than Hell’ in red on a black background. And I go, ‘That’s cool!’ What if he thought I was hotter than hell, and I just didn’t want him?”

There you go folks, it looks like inspiration can come from the most unexpected places! To date, “Hotter Than Hell” has accumulated over 120 million streams on Spotify while achieving Gold certification statuses in Australia, Denmark, United Kingdom. Not bad for a quick Tumblr scroll-through eh?