Mark Healey, the co-founder of Media Molecule and director of its PlayStation-exclusive game Dreams, has announced that he is leaving the studio.

Healey announced his departure on Twitter, where he revealed that today (April 17) was his last day at the studio.

“So, after seventeen years of co-birthing and building Media Molecule – I have decided it is time for me to time for me to fly the next – set sail and chart a new course,” wrote Healey.

“From LittleBigPlanet to Dreams and beyond – proud to have played my part and lucky to have jammed with some truly brilliant people – and such a wonderfully talented Community which I will continue to be a fan of,” he continued.

“But a strong cosmic breeze is pulling me and my pirate heart is awakened, I’m not getting any younger so am going to indulge myself in the winds of my various curiosities for a while and see where they take me…”

“Here’s to new beginnings, following one’s heart and exploring the unknown,” concluded Healey, who clarified that he will still be creating games.

In a statement, Media Molecule shared that “whilst the recent changing shape of the team is undeniably a moment, our team of Molecules are ready to take up the baton”.

News of Healey’s departure comes just under a week after Media Molecule announced it was ending live support for Dreams, a title that Healey directed.

In a statement, the studio explained it was “not able to define a sustainable path” to support the game while working on its next title.

While Media Molecule’s next game has not yet been announced, the studio has confirmed that it will not be a sequel to Dreams and won’t be set within the Dreams IP.

In December 2022, art director and fellow co-founder Kareem Ettouney announced they were leaving the company.

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