Drake’s new album ‘Scorpion’ has smashed Post Malone’s record of 700 million streams in a week which he held from April 27 to May 3.

The record-breaking album was released on June 29 and by July 5 had one billion-plus streams.

In only three days the album had crushed the all-time streaming record. Although the artist’s billion-plus stream record was achieved globally, over 750 million streams in that week were in the United States.

This album has marked Drake's eighth consecutive album to reach first place on Billboard’s 200. Now, Drake is tied with Kanye West and Eminem for the second place as hip hop artists most awarded the number one spot for an album, in the entire history of the chart. Only Jay Z has topped them with 14 hip hop albums at the top.

Drake later took to Instagram to thank his fans a "billion plus times" and also performed at Wireless over the weekend as a surprise guest after DJ Khaled's slot was cancelled.