Drake has offered to open up for SZA at her next Toronto gig after the latter had to cancel her recent show at the last minute.

The St. Louis singer is currently on the second run of her ‘SOS’ North American tour. She was set to perform at Toronto’s Scotiabank Arena this past Wednesday (October 4), but in soundcheck found that she was too ill to go ahead with the show. Hours before the gig, SZA told fans via Instagram that she was too sick to continue with the concert.

“Hey gang, I’m here at the arena. I just tried to do soundcheck – I sound terrible,” she said. “I only wanna give you guys 100 per cent and that’s what you deserve and I won’t give you any less than that. I promise you I will come back, Toronto, and make it up. I’m so sorry.”

She continued: “I wanted to push through very much. I’m on as much [medicine] as one can be on. I love you and I promise you I’ll be back. I tried. I came. I got in hair and makeup and all the things. I love you and I’m really sorry.”

Drake then commented under her announcement, telling the ‘Snooze’ star that “We gon do that shit together when you come back lemme open for you [angel emoji].”

The offer comes a few weeks after Drake and SZA collaborated on ‘Slime You Out’. The song has become controversial due to a lyric alluding to slavery (“You got my mind in a terrible place/ Whipped and chained you like American slaves.”) and the cover art being a picture of Halle Berry covered in slime. The actress has come out publicly, saying she didn’t give the Canadian rapper permission to use her image.

Last December, SZA dropped her highly-anticipated second album ‘SOS’, which NME gave five stars, hailing it as “a phenomenal record that barely puts a foot wrong and raises the bar even higher than she set it before.”


Elsewhere, SZA has supported her “beautiful” friend Lizzo amid her ongoing legal issues. The latter is currently being sued for bullying and harassment by her former dancers Arianna Davis, Crystal Williams, and Noelle Rodriguez. In another lawsuit, designer Asha Daniels claimed Lizzo‘s employees were forced to work in a “racist and sexualised” environment. Lizzo has called their claims “outrageous” and looks to sue them for “malicious prosecution.”

The 33-year-old has also commented on The Grammys, calling the awards a “thirsty, dark space”: “The Grammy room is one of the weirdest rooms ever. There is so much wanting in there.

Today (October 6), Drake has dropped his eighth studio album ‘FOR ALL THE DOGS’. He shared the tracklist and credits for the album last night (October 5).

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