Priceless Scott, the fiery rapper with no limits and eternal desires, rocks the world of hip-hop with her latest release, “Drag On.” Last year she introduced herself with the EP Pressure Makes Diamonds and followed up with the release of visuals for “Drag On”. 

The video clip features a plethora of various visuals ranging from dragons to spacey aesthetics, which all captivate the viewer in a matter of seconds, without forgetting to mention her bewildering voice and powerful lines. The flow is flawless with elements of true hip-hop incorporated throughout. She is a star in the making. Wrapped up in tight clothing, Priceless Scott’s gorgeous and curvy body outshines all the stars in the galaxy. 

As they say, diamonds are forged under high pressure, and Priceless Scott works extremely hard to do what it takes to rise and realize her long-desired dream of making it to the very top.

We have to wait and see what else the artist has to offer, but for now, enjoy her latest banger, “Drag On.”

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