Doss is back. Yes, you read that right, Doss, who rose to prominence in 2012-2014 before disappearing as fast as she had emerged on the web, has released a new single “Puppy.”

Creating some of the most refined euphoric, trance breaks around, Doss has delivered with her first solo original track in seven years. The video you can watch below has a loop an adorable golden retriever puppy jumping after you, which is the same serotonin-boosting feeling you get from Doss’ music.

“I had an ex once who called me Puppy, you know what I mean,” explains Doss in a press release. “I had fallen in love with their family and friends while we were together, so it wasn’t just about the person or the breakup with them, but about losing the whole world that had been so vibrant and intimate and important and familial. We had been broken up for a while, like maybe three months, and I got invited to a birthday party and decided to drive last minute. Driving back at 2 a.m. to Maryland, I was sort of parsing through how sweet and welcoming they had been, but how I knew that it would never be like how it was before and what to do with all of those feelings. There’s nothing like the feeling of a solitary night drive home, thinking about life.”

Doss has been featured on other projects, including a remix with SOPHIE for her OIL OF EVERY PEAL UN-INSIDES NON STOP remix album. Doss also collaborated with Ryan Hemsworth & Kotomi on an EP back in 2016, but there has been little in between.

We will see if this is setting up a larger project or just a single, but either way enjoy “Puppy” now via LuckyMe.