Can we talk Royal, and acknowledge how I’ve been really delayed in covering his recently released five track EP, Cycles?

It is long overdue, as it dropped January 26th…

But better late than never, am I right?

Let’s discuss the intro, “Passenger”. The track is placed perfectly at number one, as it slowly engages listeners to the minimalistic and futuristic sounds of Royal. The lush vocals uphold a certain hypnotic effect on all of us, and are complimented with neon sounding synths. “Passenger” was one of the first to be a free download before the 26th, and reached 3.3 thousand hearts on HypeM.  

Passenger – Royal

But we can’t forget the glorious contribution Desktop. made. He was featured in not only one, but two tracks; “Mixed Feelings”, and the outro “Round Two“, which was a phenomenal end to the EP. The instrumentals were not the only ones on fleek; Desktop. slayed his verses with his computer-ized anthemic vocals infused with his regular sounds.

Mixed Feelings – Royal ft. Desktop. 

Round Two – Royal ft. Desktop.

And of course, the tracks smashed right in the middle; Devil Pt. I and II. The first exhibits a bit of indie vocals from Axel Mansoor with a grimy beat, and is comparatively upbeat than Part II. I will be completely honest, I was not too keen on Part II from the first few seconds… but give it ten more seconds. Your love for the track will be reinforced with fully fledged glaring synths, that soon turn into some type of computer loving reggae? That sounds weird, but hear me out on it.

Here’s to hoping that you guys feel the same way.

Devil Pt.I (Feat. Axel Mansoor) – Royal

Devil Pt.II – Royal

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