Don Diablo has truly become one the most impressive producers electronic music as a whole. His reign dominance began in 2017 when he started to continually produce beyond impressive tracks and releasing new tunes on what seemed like a weekly basis. Don was producing sounds that other artists could only dream , and soon his success was recognized. As 2017 was meteoric for Don Diablo, 2018 is already f to an amazing start. Last night Don Diablo released his third studio album aptly named ‘FUTURE' and shocker! It is absolutely fantastic.

It is interesting when an album this good hits the scene this early in the year. It is hard not to listen to ‘FUTURE' and ask yourself how anyone is going to be able to top it in terms LP. It has the rich, infectious and fun sound that Don has become synonymous with, as well as some new and exciting aspects that were completely unexpected. Bravo to Don Diablo for crafting an album that truly stands out from the pack. ‘FUTURE' is out this world, just as Don demonstrated in his last live stream.