Don Diablo has been playing out his track ‘Heaven' for quite some time now. Fans have fallen in love with the tune and were starting to get impatient as it never found it's way to an ficial release. Things got even more dire when ‘Heaven' was not featured on Don Diablo's last album. So what gives? Why has this glorious tune never gotten released.

Well Don responded to a fans inquiry with some crushing news. Just like Martin Garrix's ill fated collaboration with Ed Sheeran, Don Diablo's ‘Heaven' will not see the light day due to label disputes. The vocalists management have put an indefinite hold on the song's release. It appears to be dead in the water. Luckily it will still be played out in Don Diablo's sets1 Let's hope the labels and management work things out and this one hits the streaming platforms in the foreseeable future!

Don Diablo Announces That Fan Favorite Track Will Never See Official Release