Salvione has burst onto the Electronic Music scene with a powerful force; having quickly built momentum, the talented Producer and DJ has captured the attention of genre enthusiasts around the globe with his highly energetic and dynamic signature style. As he continues to push boundaries and innovate his productions, Salvione emerges as an innovative addition to the genre whose impressive productions have earned him support from heavy-weight names like Robert James, Christian Nielsen, and Steve Bug, to name a few.

As he branches into new creative territories with his radio show, ‘Elevated Radio’, Salvione proves his unwavering passion for Electronic Music that continues to propel his name high on the list of innovative Producers and DJs within Electronic Music to watch closely as he keeps finding new ways to explore his creativity and showcase his striking talents.

Now, Salvione joins us to share an insight into his plans for the rest of the year, giving us a glimpse into his new and exciting upcoming projects.

Hi there Salvione, how are you doing?

I’m doing really great. Thank you for having me.

Can you tell us about your upcoming projects in terms of new music releases or collaborations?

I’ve got quite a few tracks in the pipeline that I’m currently shopping around. One, in particular, feels like a great follow-up to “Better Days,” which came out on Baikonur Recordings. I’m genuinely excited to see how that one fully materializes.

How do you approach your live shows and what can fans expect from your upcoming performances?

When it comes to my live shows, my goal is to deliver contagious energy, along with a solid groove. Lately, I’ve been experimenting with creative edits and playing around with hot cues on the CDJs. Fans stepping into my upcoming gigs can expect a whole lot of fun – singing, dancing, and just soaking in the vibe.

Are there any special venues or festivals you are particularly excited to perform at in the near future?

I’m definitely hyped about playing at Ibiza Rocks. There’s a unique vibe there that’s hard to beat.

Can you give us a glimpse into your creative process when working on new tracks?

Absolutely! When I’m diving into crafting new tracks, I begin with a template that’s all set up with my channel configurations and outboard gear settings. This way, I can start creating without any roadblocks, and my creativity flows more smoothly. It’s really about working smart and making the process efficient.

Each project is different. Sometimes, I begin with an idea for a vocal sample and the track’s style. Other times, I’ll start with drum patterns and let the track evolve organically. But drums and bass usually set the initial tone – they’re the driving force to my style of music.

By the way, if you’re a fellow Producer interested in using this template, feel free to reach out to me. I’ll give it away for free to help streamline your creative process. Just drop me a message and mention “That Drop,” and I’ll gladly send it your way. Don’t hesitate to connect if you’d like to have it.

As an artist who blends different genres, how do you maintain a cohesive sound while still exploring diverse musical elements?

I keep things cohesive by using similar drum machines and synths across projects. This maintains the core of my sound, allowing me to seamlessly integrate diverse elements from various genres while still staying true to my signature style.

Are there any specific goals or milestones you hope to achieve in your music career in the coming months?

Of course! I’m always striving for something. I like to say if you’re not moving forward, you’re moving backwards so yes, I have some clear goals in mind for my music career in the upcoming months. Firstly, I’m aiming to take ‘Elevated Radio’ to new heights by surpassing 3 million weekly listeners.

Alongside that, I’m working on finalizing collaborations with some notable guests and arranging label takeovers for the show to bring even more excitement to my audience. On top of that, I’m hoping to expand my performances to a few new countries in the upcoming Q4. These goals are driving me forward and keeping me motivated as I continue to evolve and grow in my journey.

Additionally, I’m excited to share that I’m in the process of launching a brand-new Tech House specific program as part of Elevate Your Sound Academy. This will provide aspiring Producers with focused guidance and insights to enhance their skills in this genre. And of course, I’ll also be shooting to release some new music. The months ahead are shaping up to be an exciting chapter in my music career, and I can’t wait to see these plans come to life.

Can you share any details about your recent or upcoming collaborations with other artists?

A collaboration with HARRT is in the works, and it’s starting to be a deep and meaningful track. Without giving away too much, the vocal idea came from a personal place, and the track carries a lot of emotion and thought-provoking vibes.

How has your experience in the music industry influenced your artistic growth and shaped your sound over the years?

Early on, I experimented with various styles and played a wide range of music. But as I navigated the industry and teamed up with Toolroom Academy for their masterclass, Pete Griffiths helped me realize the importance of a consistent signature sound. My journey through different music styles, from old NYC beats to the 2013 Deep House movement and beyond, all culminated into my current sound – energetic, fun, and crafted for the dancefloor.

Are there any new challenges or obstacles you have encountered along your journey lately, and how have you overcome them?

Balancing work and personal life has been a challenge. My mind was always consumed by music or the music business. It took a few weeks off, which is a rare thing for me, to realize the need for a regular balance. Despite my music-centric life, there are other aspects to embrace.

And speaking of challenges, I recently took on a new venture that required stepping into the world of interviewing and podcasting for a well-known brand in Ibiza. I’ve been on the answering side of questions, but never the one asking. It is quite an adjustment, but I firmly believe in the power of learning from others. That’s why I picked up a book on interviewing techniques and, in addition, I’ve been studying other podcasters and interviewers in the industry who I think are at the top of their game and are some of the best, like Will Clarke and Katie Knight.

I’ve really been dedicating myself to mastering this skill. It’s incredible how, even if you’re new to something, there are so many resources out there to help you improve. You just have to put the time in.

What message or feeling do you hope to convey to your audience through your upcoming releases and performances?

Let’s have fun! At the end of the day, that is what House Music is all about. Getting on the dancefloor and forgetting your problems for a few hours. I’m hoping to bring that feeling back.

With such a commitment to his art and devoted enthusiasm for supporting the growth of the next generation of Producers and DJs, Salvione appears as an innovative and striking presence within Electronic Music. As he promises to continue releasing new music, delivering powerful live performances, and dropping engaging episodes of his radio show, Salvione will keep making a name for himself within the genre, captivating audiences globally with his impressive talents. As we close this interview, we thank Salvione for his time and eagerly look forward to hearing more from this skilled Producer soon.

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