Chicago’s DJ Earl has released his new album Bass + Funk & Soul. The juke and footwork producer has released his sophomore LP, this time returning to Moveltraxx where he released Teklife or Nolife EP back in 2012.

The 9-track LP is concise and gets right to the point. There is a nice balance of club productions and soul with this project. It opens with the jazzy and jucking “Baaaaaa” that hammers home the soul on this album. There is some gritty acid on “Whaaam,” while Right Dere” is all about sex. “Wrk Dat Body” is pure dancefloor fuel, wherever the dancing will be done. “Get Smoked” is for the weed smokers and is fittingly a little slower as you ease to the end of the record. The finale has plenty of energy, but the chopped vocal and piano channel the softness of the soul on this record.

This burst of energy comes just in time for the end of the year for your solo parties at home to get dancing all over your apartment or house. Need some juke and footwork in your life this weekend? DJ Earl has you covered.

Stream the album and pick it up here.