DJ Deeon has released a new EP Destiny on Teklife. The longtime Chicago legend, Deeon makes his debut on Teklife with this four-track EP, where he will donate all proceeds from the project to DJ Rashad’s family.

Deeon and Rashad were longtime friends and knew each other well from Chicago. The project comes with a note from Deeon, “To Rashad. Much love and respect, thanks for the motivation. Missing you young bro.”

Since his first release in 1994, Deeon has been a pivotal figure in Chicago footwork and juke and he continues that with this new tribute to Rashad. He brings some classic ghetto house to the project that will feel familiar to his longtime fans. There is plenty of raw and percussive modern juke as well. This is a quick salvo of very danceable juke and ghetto house, which has been released for a good cause and leaves Deeon’s mark on Teklife.

Get your copy of Destiny on Bandcamp.