Cedric Woo has been accused of stealing a copy of Jan Leslie Holmes ‘I’m Your Superman’ on 12” from Brooklyn music store Northern Lights Records.

The shop posted CCTV footage on Instagram of a man taking a record from its rack and sneakily sliding it behind his backpack.

In the caption the record is identified as the $75-priced Jan Leslie Holmes cut, and NLR also writes the culprit has been “positively IDed as Cedric Woo”, the London-based DJ who founded the Beauty and the Beat parties, noting his “2nd to last IG pic was even taken across the street from our store”.

NLR also posted a close up photo of the culprit’s face on camera, writing he’s “looking a little shook when he noticed the camera right before he left”.

Cedric Woo, real name Cedric Lassonde, appears to have deleted both his artist Instagram and Facebook pages, and his website has been locked down into maintenance mode.

He was pictured in New York last week during an appearance on The Lot Radio, and is due to start a Japanese tour this weekend.

Watch footage of the incident below.

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