Disclosure- Love Can Be So Hard

It’s always a good day when we get new Disclosure music. The iconic UK duo just released two new songs earlier this week. Now we have our third Disclosure track of the week. Their new track is called ‘Love Can Be So Hard’ and it’s a splice of everything we love about the group. It’s still unclear whether or not this new track and the other two will be a part of an upcoming album, but fans are for sure dancing in the streets to this new music.

Disclosure used some heavy old school influences on ‘Love Can Be So Hard’. Sounding like it’s straight from the 80’s, the track kicks off with a low draw back melody with the faint words of “love can be so hard”. The music then becomes loud and clear as the vintage Disclosure sound and bass kicks in. If there was a genre called “disco house” this track would fall right under that category. It has that Disclosure deep house bass with a groovy and soulful vibe. No question you’ll be moving your feet to this.

If ‘Love Can Be So Hard’ is any indication of upcoming Disclosure music, we’re in for something special. Check out ‘Love Can Be So Hard’ below and let us know what you think of the new groovy track.

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