Dirtybird Campout Shuttered On Day 1 Over Noise Complaints
In a Facebook post and tweet late this afternoon (Feb 2/18), announced they are closing the gates until further notice as a result noise complaints. The announcements claim that local ficials have issued the orders to not let anyone else in, and the organizers say:

Just three hours ago they were posting about the Box Office not holding tickets for event-goers with tips to make sure split parties can gain entry. The enforcement seems to have come as a complete blindside. It is unclear if ticketholders will continue to be refused entry, and if refunds will be available.

Irate attendees are tweeting the organizers:

Some claiming the event has gone “full fyrefest”, many asking for refunds, and plenty distraught people who took planes, trains and automobiles to travel from far and wide to get there

See the announcement below: