So, Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike have collaborated with Gucci Mane. We’ll give you a second to let that sink in…

You good? Okay.

It’s funny that Gucci’s verse is actually the least enjoyable part about “All I Need,” since the production is actually pretty good, and the female vocals definitely do more of the heavy lifting on lyrics and melody throughout the song. The female voice is TYSM, by the way.

“All I Need” is bright and cheerful, playing along that line between pop and dance music with whimsy. Halfway in, Gucci comes in for a short verse and it’s somewhat underwhelming. There’s really no flow or unique character to his contribution, especially when compared to TYSM’s spectacular performance the whole way through.

I’d also be totally okay with an instrumental release of this at some point. For now, check out “All I Need” below!