Dimibo feat. Ankit Sharda - Fortune & Glory

Dimibo feat. Ankit Sharda – Fortune & Glory

Over the past year, we have seen the psytrance genre explode in popularity. Leading this charge in the underground psy scene throughout the Pacific Northwest is Seattle-based duo Dimibos. Already with a handful smashing releases under their belt, 2018 kicks f with a bang with their debut release on Armada’s label Who’s Afraid 138?! with the track Fortune and Glory.

This track is a constant swell fast-tempo energy. The pulsing relation between the kick and bass create a frenzy, as the tasteful sound effects and synth shots swirl around the bass. The upper registers this track are pockmarked with various vocal chants and hymns that give an ethereal ambiance to an otherwise pounding club record.

Through the record, the simply crafted melodies develop with a masterful touch. Just enough to keep you glued into the development the track, the leads and other melodic sequences help ramp up the overall momentum the tune.