The time has finally come! Dillon Francis‘ discography is about to get… one deeper. Well, one deep considering this is his debut album. The release date is set for October 28th of this year but considering Dillon’s track record as EDM’s biggest troll, who can say for sure?

“Money Sucks, Friends Rule” Track List

A week before the official track list was released, Dillon’s “black best friend” Taco prematurely leaked the tracks on his twitter account. Hilarity ensued. While all of these songs are, unfortunately, fake, the Deadmau5 coffee run is not. Watch it here!

Dillon Francis Announces New Album and Tour -- Only The Beat

The album is appropriately titled “Money Sucks, Friends Rule” when you take a look at the real track list. Aside from a few DJ names like TJR and Martin Garrix, Dillon Francis has even crossed genre boundaries and collaborated with Brendon Urie from Panic! at the Disco.

1. “All That (feat. Twista & The Rejectz)”
2. “Get Low (with DJ Snake)”
3. “When We Were Young (with Sultan + Ned Shepard feat. Chain Gang of 1974)”
4. “Set Me Free (with Martin Garrix)”
5. “Drunk All The Time (feat. Simon Lord)”
6. “Love in the Middle of a Firefight (feat. Brendon Urie)”
7. “Not Butter”
8. “I Can’t Take It”
9. “We Are Impossible (feat. The Presets)”
10. “We Make It Bounce (feat. Major Lazer & Stylo G)”
11. “What’s That Spell? (feat. TJR)”
12. “Hurricane”

So what can we expect of Dillon Francis’s upcoming album? So far, only four of Dillon’s “Money Sucks, Friends Rule” songs have been released. These include his song with Martin Garrix “Set Me Free”, “What’s That Spell?” where TJR teaches you how to spell “fuck”, and:

“When We Were Young”

Dillon’s most recent single, “When We Were Young,” features Sultan + Ned Shepard as well as rising star, The Chain Gang of 1974. This track is more on the “Without You” side and almost had me wondering if Dillon’s ratchet days were over, but then I listened to “Get Low” next…

“Get Low”

“Get Low” has been the trap theme song of the summer, and who other than Dillon Francis and DJ Snake could pull off this slightly offensive music video?

The “Money Sucks, Friends Rule” 2014 Tour

Shortly after his album was confirmed came talks of his next massive tour. Tickets go on sale on August 16th and the tour begins a mere month after his album will be released.

Dillon Francis Announces New Album and Tour -- Only The Beat

As someone who attended Dillon’s IDGAFOS (I Don’t Give A Fuck Or Santa) tour last December, this tour is not something you want to miss. Think you’ve seen enough Dillon at every massive event this past year? Did he scar you at Hard Summer when he unexpectedly “T-Pained” the crowd? Well, you haven’t seen anything until you witness the extent of Dillon Francis’ production and pranking skills up close and personal at one of his own shows.

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