Tomorrowland may have just ended, but it seems as if they're already planning Tomorrowland 2020. One or found a clue in the mainstage design that may hint at the new theme for next year.

This years theme was “The Book of Wisdom”, and the mainstage was aptly designed with book covers. But, little hints and details didn't go unmissed. In the photo below, you can see a book with the number “20” at the top of the spine and below “Pyramids From Space” as the title. The “20” is what's giving the closest hint to a 2020 theme.

The reveal of the Tomorrowland theme is almost as exciting as the lineup reveal. Tomorrowland always goes above and beyond with stage design, so it's no wonder they make a spectacle of it. With a possible theme like “Pyramids From Space”, we can only imagine what stage designs they could come up with.

Do you think Pyramids From Space could be the Tomorrowland 2020 theme?


2020 Theme – Pyramids from space !? from r/Tomorrowland