dEVOLVE kicked off 2020 strong with a return to Diplo & Friends to blast off his new single, and deliver an hour of nonstop energy that takes you from the dancehalls of Jamaica to the nightclubs of Miami, and straight to the airwaves of BBC Radio 1 in London. Anyone who’s followed the rise of the Florida native has surely noted dEVOLVE’s range in mixing and production, able to almost seamlessly weave between his own brand of Caribbean Dance Music to Trap, House, Hip Hop and back again. His new single, “Till We Fall In Love”, is a reflection of that melting pot mentality. dEVOLVE brings sun soaked energy to the future dancehall track, while Alx Veliz brings Toronto’s metropolitan swagger, and Charly Black delivers the soul of Jamaica to the track. If you've got some spare time and are in the mood for a versatile mix, check out dEVOLVE's latest after the jump!