Denis Sulta's next release is the 'This Moment Of Silence' EP.

Out on September 4 the label Attitude To Life, Denis delivers three tracks - 'Ambition Is A Beautiful Poison', 'Those Tears Of Hutton' and the nine-minute long 'Rock It' - on the EP.

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'This Moment Of Silence' is a combination of house music, disco, synth work, samples and spoken word, according to the press release.

The EP follows 2019 release 'Aye Spoake Te Sumwuhn & They Listenhd' on Ninja Tune.

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Pre-order 'This Moment Of Silence' here and see the tracklist below.

A1. Ambition Is A Beautiful Poison
A2. Those Tears of Hutton
B1. Rock It

[Photo: Haris Nukem]

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