Death Grips cut short their concert in Arkansas on Friday (October 13) after a number of fans threw glowsticks at the band.

The incident happened at JJ’s Live in Fayetteville and saw the band eventually abandon the show with four songs to spare.

They had earlier managed to play 25 songs despite frontman MC Ride walking off the stage twice after getting hit by objects thrown by fans before the whole band eventually exited the stage.

According to a user on Reddit: “Someone threw a phone at them and Ride threw the mic on the ground and walked off and back. Someone threw a glowstick that hit him in the chest and he walked off, back and waiting for more. Another glowstick was thrown and they left. Fair is fair.” You can view footage of the incident below.

i edited a video that sums up what happened at the show tonight
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It comes after several incidents which have seen artists hit by objects thrown onstage in recent months.

Last month two of Beyoncé‘s backing dancers confronted a fan who threw an object onstage during a ‘Renaissance’ show.

Other artists to have been affected by the dangerous trend include Harry Styles, Lil Nas X, Drake, Cardi B and Pink.

The most concerning case was when Bebe Rehxa was left needing stitches after an audience member threw a phone at her face during a gig in New York because he thought it would be “funny”.

Many fans and live performers have condemned those who have caused such disruptions. Adele called on concertgoers to “stop throwing things” at gigs during one of her Las Vegas shows in July, warning: “I’ll fucking dare you to throw something at me and I’ll fucking kill you.”

The likes of Billie Eilish, Corey Taylor and Kelly Clarkson have also spoken out against the trend of throwing things onstage. “It’s absolutely infuriating when you’re up there,” Eilish said. “You’re in a vulnerable position.”

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