Following the release of his eight-track EP 'mau5ville: Level 1', Deadmau5 has revealed a tripped out music video for the record's lead single 'Monophobia' (feat. Rob Swire).

Directed by Nick DenBoer and Kenny Hotz, the music video is filled with uncomfortably surreal and outlandish animated characters who muck about and show off their dance moves in a dangerous digital mansion. With dogs falling from the sky and contorting mouse-themed characters running around in disarray, the unpredictable video is a significant WTF viewing experience that is bound to entertain.

In addition to this new EP, Deadmau5 has recently released his orchestral album ‘where’s the drop?' and is currently working on developing his own first-person shooter video game and working on a film score.

Watch the evolution of Deadmau5 here