Deadmau5 Previews More Orchestral Music & Teases "Epic Thing"

Thank you YouTuber  for letting our minds run wild. Today, he or she uploaded a 37 minute and 45 second preliminary showing Deadmau5‘s orchestral mixes vault.

Earlier this month, Joel Zimmerman (Deadmau5) tweeted about an “” he was up to. Sneaky sneaky Goat Lord. Users @cubertmaster and @_shypho_ speculated, and Zimmerman delivered; Mau5 divulged that larger-than-life undertaking came complete with a 60 piece orchestra.

On Dec. 13, Wanza7 posted the clip that was heard ’round the world, entitled  Once the philharmonic version “Stobe” entered the public domain, speculations poured in. Unfortunately, all we can do is sit behind our 15-inch MacBook Pros and wait.

“I’m not explaining shit because you guys don’t pay me enough. If I don’t get to buy fucking $20 million mansions, I don’t have to fucking explain anything” chuckled Zimmerman.