‘s broadcasts and social media posts  the impending arrival an orchestral project have culminated in “where’s the drop?,” a studio album newly recorded by deadmau5, and slated for release on March 30.

Comprised classical renditions various deadmau5 productions, “where’s the drop?” will be followed by a live performance on April 1, in which deadmau5 and a full orchestra will perform a selection songs as orchestral pieces. The event is the product deadmau5’s partnership with the subscription music streaming service, , and as such, will be live streamed exclusively on the service.

Tidal members will have access to presale tickets to the Los Angeles based performance beginning on March 7. New Tidal members will be given 90 days free to the service through the presale.

Those interested in learning more about deadmau5’s first full-length orchestral appearance can find additional information about the event, and can additionally register for a Tidal subscription, .