Almost a decade ago, deadmau5 released ‘Ghosts ‘n’ Stuff’ featuring Rob Swire, a seminal track in electronic music that went on to reach platinum status. On mau5ville: level 1, released on Friday July 13th, deadmau5 reunites with Swire once again for the new single ‘Monophobia‘.

Named after deadmau5’ minecraft server, mau5ville: Level 1 also features collaborations with Getter and GTA, as well as remixes of ‘Monophobia’ by GRAMMY award-winning remixer Latroit, and deadmau5′ mau5trap label artists ATTLAS and Rinzen.

If this album isn’t enough for you, then get excited for September.

user, u/Ceylan_CLC, posted this interesting announcement in the r/deadmau5 forum. The user writes that Weibo, which is the equivelant of Twitter in China, posted this announcement on July 13th. The account belongs to Netease Cloud Music, which is the biggest music streaming platform in China.

It also mentions that somehow, there will be 40 songs in total, with close to 100 musicians working together.

Although this is not confirmed by the man himself, this is some pretty incredible news to (hopefully) look forward to.