Gravitas Recordings is pleased to release Circulate Vol. 1; a global bass compilation curated by David Starfire and SOOHAN. Released today, August 15, this compilation boasts an impressive roster full of original tracks, remixes, and collaborations with eclectic artists such as Kaya Project, An-ten-nae, Desert Dwellers, Beats Antique, CloZee, and more.

Circulate was created in support of Beyond the Grade; a grassroots Austin-based charity that provides after school music education for under-served children.

David Starfire Remixes Desert Dweller's 'Moonlit Horizons' For Stacked Charity Compilation [Official Premiere]

Circulate Gravitas Recordings

Today, thatDROP is honored to premiere David Starfire’s wet remix of Desert Dwellers ‘Moonlit Horizons’ off Circulate Gravitas Recordings.

Through mixing ancient tribal instrumentation and chants that hit your primal bone and open your heart with a monstrous and stimulating beat, David Starfire sucks you in with his rendition of ‘Moonlit Horizons’. Press play and get down to this track in the name of good will.

Another mission of Circulate was to advocate for the bass music community that is growing around the world.

This compilation spotlights different sounds and features artists from around the United States, Finland, Ghana, Canada, Hungary, Angola, Poland, France, the UK, and more who contribute to create cutting-edge music that is a fusion of traditional cultural music mixed with modern beats, bass, and rhythms.

There is a movement in music with different cultures coming together; and as dance music crosses all languages, it is a universally understood language within itself.

From celebrations to rituals, dance brings people together and with the internet, anyone can listen to music from another culture and fuse it with dance music to create a unique version to share with others. This global bass compilation was created with the understanding that people are interested in being educated about music from around the world and hearing sounds that are outside of their norm. With that being said, beyond the Grade was the perfect charity to partner with for this compilation.

Listen to compilation and donate to Beyond the Grade:

David Starfire and SOOHAN grew up taking music lessons and understand first-hand how beneficial it can be towards cognitive development and self-esteem in children. Find out their personal journey through this compilation and how excited they are to spread Beyond the Grade’s mission through an exclusive interview with both David Starfire and SOOHAN below.

David Starfire on the record:

David Starfire Remixes Desert Dweller's 'Moonlit Horizons' For Stacked Charity Compilation [Official Premiere]

photo credit David Starfire

A “never have I ever”, what is one thing you have never done that people may be surprised you have never done? 

Hmm… I’ve never skydived! I was offered to go a couple of times, even at the burn and just wasn’t the right time. 

How did you guys discover Beyond The Grade?

I was introduced to them by the Gravitas Crew. Keli Marks is a teacher for BTG and also works for Gravitas. We wanted to work with a small grassroots company that gave music lessons and instruments to underserved kids and we felt that they were the perfect fit! Mark with BTG has a big heart and we want to help them out as much as possible.

How did you get connected with Gravitas Recordings? What has been one of your favorite moments while working with Gravitas Recordings? 

I’ve released a few songs with Gravitas the past few years and they are great to work with.  They are very professional and honest people, which is hard to find in the music business. I think my favorite moment working with them was a skype call when they decided to sign on to this project. Since 100% of the profits go toward Beyond the Grade, these guys are about the love of music and changing lives, not just about the bottom line.

How would you describe the direction your music is heading?

Lately, I’ve been producing music from regions that I’m not as familiar with. I’ve been seeking out recordings from hidden villages around the world. Going deep into tribal lands and using only recordings with their blessings. I’m also getting back into producing remixes of legendary songs. I’ve been working with SOOHAN on a collaboration with the Native American Pow Wow group Elk Soldier. We recorded their album and currently remixing 4 of their tracks. It’s music that no one has ever heard before and think that it will blow minds. That project is also a benefit EP as well.

How was the success of your previous charity drive to the Thai Freedom House for the Burmese refugees? What were you able to provide them?

The Karuna benefit album was a success and it provided money for much-needed resources for them. Part of the campaign was to give awareness of their cause so others could to donate and visit them in Thailand. I also gave them a laptop with music software in hopes that they learn music production. I gave a music production class there and it was so amazing to see their smiling faces.

What are your Favorite Festivals?

Burning Man, Lightning in a Bottle, Global Eclipse/Symbiosis, Shambhala. and Beloved. 

What have festivals taught you? 

I read a recent article about the importance of collective dancing, something that humans have been doing for a long time. There’s magic that happens on the dancefloor and can be felt by everyone. When everything aligns, the music, people, vibe, location, it can be surreal how you can feel the electricity in the air. Something happens with moments in which people come together in some form of unifying, excitement-inducing activity — is at the root of what holds groups together. A unifying feeling of a groups energy that lifts us up when we’re entranced by music and dancing the night away. In doing so, we experience internal hormonal cascades which are made up of ‘feel good’ chemicals. These bursts of chemicals are part of our brain’s pain and pleasure and reward circuitry, and when they are triggered they provide an experience of elation and positive reward.

What are other projects that you’ve been working on?

I’m a co-founder with the Dub Kirtan All Stars and we are working on a new EP. The first single features Jai Uttal, one of the top Kirtan singers in the world. I’m a co-creator with the Galactic Gallery VR experience which takes you on a Virtual Reality journey with art from the world’s top visionary artists featuring Android Jones, Chris Dyer, Mugwort, Xavi, Raul Casillas, Luke Brown, Amanda Sage, Hans Haveron, Simon Haiduk, TAS, Julius Horsthuis, Jake Kobrin, and Miles Toland.

SOOHAN on the record:

David Starfire Remixes Desert Dweller's 'Moonlit Horizons' For Stacked Charity Compilation [Official Premiere]

photo credit SOOHAN

A “never have I ever”, what is one thing you have never done that people may be surprised you have never done? 

I have never ridden on one of those scooter things that everyone rides now. LOL.

How did you guys discover Beyond The Grade? 

We are working with Gravitas Recordings, an Austin based label, who knew of this resource on the ground in Austin that has a great reputation and does really great work. 

How did you get connected with Gravitas Recordings? What has been one of your favorite moments while working with Gravitas Recordings?

I have been familiar with the work of Gravitas for about a decade now. I am thrilled to have them involved in this project. They are super organized and it shows. I am super excited for this release. 

How would you describe the direction your music is heading? 

My music is always changing. I cant say which direction it’s heading in because it heads in a new direction every song pretty much haha. I am writing more “original” music, learning about sample licensing, and stepping up the musicianship in my productions. 

Sounds like you have been fine tuning your sound design in production school. Can you tell us a little more about the school, the software and hardware you use and what is one of the biggest takeaways you have recently learned? 

We are learning the basics of sound synthesis right now….Oscillators, Waveforms, ADSR, LFO etc. Right now we are using Wavetable synthesizer from Ableton. The school is called IO Music Academy and is located in Hollywood, and offers a great curriculum at a competitive rate. 

What do you enjoy about creating music? 

Whats not to enjoy about creating music?! They actually gave me some really great advice at the school which was to make sure that when I am making music to cut off all distractions from the outside world and internet, and really focus on creating from a place of joy. Took that to heart.


Thank you guys, for your time and energy into this great cause. This is what the electronic music community is all about, our compassion and love for the greater good reaches way beyond the events or festival grounds. To find out more and donate to the charity, visit Beyond the Grade.


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