It’s the result of Dave Clarke & team fighting a decade-long legal battle

Dave Clarke’s “Red Rare EP” is a captivating celebration of his techno legacy, marking the 30th anniversary of his influential ‘Red’ series and ‘Archive One’ album. This EP is part of a broader commemorative release that includes a remastered box set with rare photos, a 16-page booklet, and exclusive remixes from industry legends such as The Chemical Brothers and DJ Sneak. It’s a project that, opens up a wider conversation around label rights – as Clarke’s team had to push through nearly 10 years of fighting over the legalities of owning the masters. It’s a release that’s a pure throwback, an old but not fogotten gem from a bygone era, as Clarke explains – “I made this album when the right equipment wasn’t easy to find or to buy due to financial constraints. There were no YouTube tutorials or even the internet as we know it today. People kept their production secrets close to their chest, so you had to invent ways to get things to work, battle sampling memory limitations by taking Nyquist Theorem to heart, often eating the bare minimum to pay for memory upgrades. There were no easy ways to find technical workshops for electronic music, in fact it was often still frowned upon by the technical music press. I would read those magazines, but only for reviews. I remember reading about the Alesis Quadraverb in Sound on Sound and seeing it cost £325 and starving myself to buy it...”

The “Red Rare EP” features previously unreleased remixes, bringing a fresh yet nostalgic energy to Clarke’s classic tracks. Umek’s remix of “Wisdom To The Wise” maintains the original’s intensity, adding his signature power, while Aux 88 takes a more underground approach with a techno breakbeat twist. DJ Rush’s remix of “Thunder” offers a darker, brooding alternative, perfect for blending into contemporary DJ sets. The Magic Mix of “Protective Custody” closes the EP, nodding to an ethereal Detroit breakbeat sound that contrasts yet complements the original.

Clarke’s ability to curate such a diverse yet cohesive set of remixes speaks to his enduring influence in the techno scene. This EP not only celebrates his past achievements but also showcases the timeless nature of his music. For fans of techno, “Red Rare EP” is an essential listen, demonstrating the lasting impact of Clarke’s work and the exciting potential of revisiting and reimagining classic tracks.

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