Yesterday was a whirlwind activity in the dance music world. Datisk was accused by over a dozen women, some estimates lie over 50, sexual assault and misconduct. Specifically most the accusations are coming from his Ninja Nation tour where him and artist Space Jesus shared a tour bus for the last months. Initially it was reported allegations fell onto Space Jesus as well, but it seems to have been clarified that he has not been accused participating in assaults but was instead a bystander to the assaults and misconduct.

In light the news and the momentum building against him, Datsik has chosen to cancel all remaining tour dates and festival appearances. This story is continuing to develop. It is not clear if legal action will be brought against Troy Beetles, aka Datsik. One truth remains above all – these accusations are not going away as many more have chosen to speak up today. Read Datsik's statement on the decision below.

Datsik Releases Official Statement Canceling All Performances

Datsik Cancels Remaining Tour Dates And Festival Appearances After Sexual Assault Allegations