Arriving with his brand new summer anthem, Daniele Alan-Carter has triumphantly returned after releasing a string of successful singles, and now shares with us the emphatic “Promise You Will Love Me”. The Italian-born multi-talent exercises his expertise as a singer-songwriter and actor, with his musical taste being influenced by his eclectic career, uniting his theatrical side with his sonic blend of Pop, Soul and EDM. From this, Daniele creates a warm, soulful sound, and takes a unique creative approach to both his singing and writing.

Inspired by artists such as Lady Gaga, Elton John and Whitney Houston, Daniele mirrors their diversity in style and theatrical flair within his own craft. ‘Promise You Will Love Me’ follows on from some of his previous slower ballads, and adds a new exciting layer to his discography, whilst showing off his far reaching versatility. Undeniably feel-good and infectious, Daniele’s newest offering is enough to make him an artist to watch.

“After opening up about some personal and intimate parts of me with “The Mirror”, I wanted to create something upbeat to celebrate the upcoming summer. I started to collaborate with Giorgio Tarantino, an Italian born and London based songwriter and “Promise You Will Love Me” came to light. Our main goal was to create a song that would make people feel good this summer, considering that most of us were robbed of a proper one last year; it’s a melancholic happiness, so we don’t forget what we went through in the past year and a half, but also ready to move on.”  – Daniele Alan-Carter