“White light/White light/Alcohol, alcohol, alcohol, white light:” lyrics or’s subconscious?

After a recently chaotic jaunt at the , one may speculate the previous was somewhat a soundtrack to Mr. Albarn’s evening.

The Gorillaz frontman took a stab at a socio-politically aware acceptance speech after winning Best British Band, but it’s safe to say he was f somewhere in Feel Good Inc while trying to deliver something inherent meaning to the audience. Having been wined and dined by the benefactors the awards show, Albarn launched into a rant on Brexit and his beautiful country doing beautiful things. The monologue was riveting, albeit a erring a bit on the excessive side.

Gorillaz may have won Best British Band that night, but Damon Albarn’s stammering won over the hearts many across the internet. Don’t feel too bad though, Damon, we’ve all had a few Demon Days our own. Lucky for him, tomorrow comes today.