"CLAAAKK!"If you've ever found yourself at a hot and sunny Southern California festival, you've likely encountered "fan slappers" or "fan clackers" who, while in the throws of dancefloor bliss, raise their folding fan high above their head and whip it with a heaving force that results in a large "CRACK" on the downbeat.

It may be fun and acceptable form of partying for many, but some can't stand its sound. Depending on the size of the fan, fan slapping sometimes distracts revelers and diminishes the flow of the music that so many are trying to enjoy.

San Diego's bi-annual electronic music extravaganza CRSSD Festival has decided to take steps to stop this by adding "fan slapping" to its list of things and items that are "heavily discouraged" at its Fall 2019 edition this September. The caption reads: "you may be asked to stop. If you don't, you may be asked to leave. Please respect your neighbors!"

For the most part, punters have expressed high praise for the decision on , but appear to be divided on the other heavily discouraged items which include furry boots, excessive kandi and rave attire.

The Fall 2019 edition of CRSSD Festival goes down on September 28 - 29 and will feature acts such as Yaeji, MK, Tiger & Woods, Polo & Pan, Richie Hawtin, Objekt, Dr. Rubinstein, Amelie Lens and more.

CRSSD Festival wants to put a stop to "fan slapping"

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