Crankdat is finally back with an absolute monstrous two-track EP. The “FEARWORLD” concept is aimed to impose fear into his peers, ready to wreak havoc onto any dancefloor. Delivering mind-boggling sound design, the Ohio based producer pulls it off once more; reminding us all why he’s gotten so much attention in the first place. 

Crankdat – Fearworld EP

Scoring regular plays from the likes of Skrillex, Marshmello and DJ Snake, Crankdat is all about creating a full audio experience for fans. Packed with intense bassline drives and squawking melodies, Crankdat completes his pair of fresh sounds with signature aplomb. Giving us all a glimpse of what to expect going forward, it’s safe to say that Crankdat is officially back! And hungry for more.

Listen at your own risk.