Brooklyn-based producer Codes is at it again with The Pyramids, his latest EP on Treasure Fingers’ label Psycho Disco. Set for release on June 3, 2016, Codes has planned a psychedelic house party at the New York avant-garde venue, Trans-Pecos. Inspired by the Rothschild “illuminati parties” from the 1970’s, Codes seeks to debut his EP in a trippy, surreal, and fantastic setting that only an “illuminati” party could possibly inspire.

Codes’ two track EP features “The Pyramids,” which encapsulates a psychedelic vibe in a minimalistic house style, a unique paradox that bridges the gap between the surrealist and often unpredictable nature of psychedelia and the focused intensity of truly refined house music. For Codes, it represents one of those moments where a producer has a sample and a breakdown sitting around in a file for years and years until finally the inspiration to perfect it strikes. Coming together in its final version on the EP, Codes describes the end product as having “lots of UK influence with the drums and a super low-end heavy synth with trippy sounds throughout.” Codes has posted a preview of the track on his Instagram below:

Wowww look at all The Pyramids ??????????????????????????

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The second track on the EP, “Make the Building Shake,” takes a different direction. While no doubt retaining the dance floor, house vibe set by the title track, the ultimate vibe of “Make the Building Shake” is described as “a little more hip hop, breakbeat, sinister” by Codes.  Certainly, both tracks exude the controlled surrealism and dignified psychedelia embodied by the Rothschild parties from which the release party draws inspiration with a firm grounding in today’s underground electronic scene. Below is a teaser for the track!

This is a pic from the abandoned psych ward shoot with @palestgirlinthechurch tune is a clip of “Make The Building Shake” out next week on my @psychodiscorecs EP. #ThePyramidsEP #CodesHouse

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As for the release party itself, it will be the New York underground scene’s closest version to illuminati party we have seen thus far. Pyramids, bizarre costumes, fantastic dance performances, refined artwork, and the Pyramids EP will define the night, along with support from Klienfeld, Devon James, Ashburn, and Deap Soma. Costume inspiration can be found by taking a look at what these (fabulously wealthy) people wore to their own illuminati party. Grab tickets at the door for $5 if you’re not up for dressing up and be sure to make it to Trans-Pecos on June 3!

Codes to release The Pyramids EP at "Illuminati" Party -- Only The Beat

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