Clemency is a mainstay of the Manchester scene, and has announced the release of her debut EP ‘References’ 2 Be Real. ‘References’ will be out on April 23.

Since moving from Sheffield to Manchester, Clemency quickly made herself known through Mutualism, a label and event series that she runs alongside BFTT and Iceboy Violet.

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The three-track EP is awkward and clattering, built around layers of percussion that create their own melodies and bounce in and out. Lead single ‘Testimony’ is a blippy chugger that just keeps on giving.

Entitled ‘References’, the EP is accompanied by a varied list of references that helped to inspire the tracks. From a list of cosmetics and places to Celebrity Big Brother, it’s a diverse list that shows how wide-ranging and important even the smallest of encounters can be in making a creative product.

Listen to ‘Testimony’ below, and preorder the EP here.

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