In this day and age music cross-pollination, Claude VonStroke sits at the forefront all that is good, proper and most importantly, fun. Teaming up with Dirtybird veteran EPROM, Claude has gone dark and bassy with his newest tune ‘Grenade'. After a few tracks with futuristic hip-hop vibes, it was only a matter time that these two Bass Dads would come together on a piece crushing techno like ‘Grenade'.

Besides being on the record as one Claude’s favorite producers, EPROM has a long history with Dirtybird. First showing up as a remixer “Plasma Jelly”, EPROM’s crazy production style was also the catalyst for our STX&BRX label and the debut Claude’s alias Barclay Crenshaw, first with their collab EP, “Crawled Eagle”, and later as a remixer Barclay’s “I’m Up Here”.

Grenade' it's over 7 minutes pure, unadulterated, hard-hitting techno, with a SMASHING bassline that absolutely makes this track. I can already hear this song rocking underground clubs across the world and with Ultra and Miami Music Week ahead, the duo picked a perfect time to drop this heater.