Clark has announced a new album, 'Kiri Variations'.

‘Cannibal Homecoming’ is the first single from the album, released his label Throttle Records, and features eerily brilliant sounds from the piano, strings and woodwind alongside electronics, as well as Clark's own vocals.

The music from the album originally started as the score to Channel 4’s BAFTA-winning series Kiri, but when only a fraction of the music recorded was used for the four-part drama, Clark decided to turn it into an album.

Clark said: “It’s a skeleton of an album, reduced to bare essentials, although it started out rather dense. The thing that takes time is making it succinct. Certain parts are also what you could call anti muso – for example the recorder on ‘Kiri’s Glee’ is totally out of tune – but it sounds so colourful. I can’t resist the primary paint of acoustic instruments; it’s an antidote to frictionless digital music."

Listen to 'Cannibal Homecoming' below.

[Photo: Alma Haser]

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