Chillhop music is known to the common listener as chilled music based on hip hop principles. As 2017 came to an end, Spotify announced all the emerging genres from the past year. Of the 10 emerging genres that Spotify noted in this report, Chillhop took place at the #3 spot next to both Trap Latino and Chaotic Black Metal due to its instrumental, jazz hip hop and chilled out vibes that fans can't get enough .

To celebrate all the new Chillhop music coming out, here are some the best chillhop songs and a special music by Chillhop Music below.

Best Chillhop Music

Nujabes – Highs 2 Lows Ft. Cise Starr

jinsang –

GYVUS – Tôzen

The Notorious B.I.G. – Everyday Struggle (L'Indécis Remix)

jinsang – affection.

Emapea – Jazzy

Flamingosis – Football Head

Nujabes – Feather

Deeb – Theme From Endless Sunset

Ian Ewing – Swell (feat. Virginia Palms)

Nujabes – Lady Brown

Kenji – Change

GYVUS – To Wherever

Chillhop Essentials Mix