Carnage continues his strong rhetoric in 2018 with the announcement that his next single, a collaboration with Lil Pump, will be dropping tomorrow. The single called ‘i SHYNE' is a bit surprise for Carnage and Pump fans but never the less they are excited.

Lil Pump rose to fame with the track ‘Gucci Gang' which appeals to the new school hip hop centered around a triplet cadence and lots Xanax. Carnage on the other hand has been slowly pushing himself further into a hip hop paradigm and further away from EDM. Will this track live up to the hype Pump's earlier releases? Will it break the internet like Carnage claims. Only time will tell.

Personally I am skeptical, but I also called Marshmello and Khalid's ‘Silence' underwhelming, and it ended up being one the biggest hits 2017, so what do I know?