North London grime MC Capo Lee has come back with a vengeance with new track ‘Way Back’, featuring JME.

‘Way Back’ is a bouncing grime anthem that has us lusting for a 2020 lockdown-free summer. It’s produced by HeavyTrackerz, a group of grime producers who have penned hits for Stormzy, Meridian Dan and Section Boyz.

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‘Way Back’ is Capo Lee’s second single of 2020. He’s hitting the ground running after his 2019 album ‘Heart of a Champ’.

JME has recently collaborated with Footsie on his new track ‘Pepper Stew’. Last year, he also released his album ‘Grime MC’ as a physical-only release.

Watch the video for ‘Wayback’ below.

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Capo Lee releases new tune 'Way Back' featuring JME
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