After the successful rebrand that begat the groove-oriented , super producer made a proclamation in early 2018 that he was leaving that sound behind. It did leave fans wondering, however: would he return to crafting chart topping smashes featuring the likes or veer into yet another unexpected genre. Since announching his intentions to switch things up, Harris has relied on a series mysterious moves to ramp up the hype In a tweet posted on his account February 4, Harris uploaded a video a billboard that flashed a new logo, rotating skull, and the date 2/8/2018.   Compounding things is a  where a user said he was directed to this when following an advertisement with Harris’ branding. Now, Harris has deigned to reveal the mystery’s endgame: a new single with  — a featured artist on Funk Wav Bounces Vol. 1 — dubbed “Nuh Ready” is set for release on February 8.   While it remains to be seen whether Harris will explore a new sound, given his track record with the Canadian rapper, it is certain fans will be highly anticipating “Nuh Ready’s” imminent release.