New year, new Calvin Harris? The Scottish producer has recently been giving his fans some hints that he’s leaving behind the funk music genre and possibly going back to his roots.

In January, he took to Twitter to say goodbye to and thanked his fans for going on a “musical journey” with him.  About a week later, Harris wrote a message about growing out his beard to snag “Producer the Year,” a message many people thought to be a for selling out to pop music.

Now that the global DJ has closed that chapter his life it seems like fans might be getting a taste this new direction sooner than they thought. Harris dropped a 15-second video on his social media with the date 2.08.18 flashing on a billboard.

To add to the hype, user MattTheChild wrote that while watching a YouTube video, an ad that he recognized as Calvin Harris’ current Twitter prile popped up, and when he clicked on it led him to this mysterious .

What will the new, beardless Calvin bring to the table this year?