Danish DJ/producer Caius delivers a delicate piece of deep house with ‘In The Sun’. Built around tender guitar chords, sultry vocals and warm, spacious sound effects, this is exactly the piece of dreamy dance music to get the summer season started with. Feel the melancholic vibes as Caius brings his contemporary take on early 00’s french house – out now on Spinnin’ Records.

Caius seems like the right guy at the right moment. Already known for producing a unique Indie house sound, with his soul inspired samples, subtle grooves and jazzy chords, his music is made for days in the sun – unique and inspirational.

Already loved in the (Hypem) blogosphere since his earliest releases, Caius made a lasting impression with breakthrough record ‘Your Love’ in 2019. Featuring warm organ chords and temporized beats, the record launched Caius to even wider support, receiving acclaim from fans, media and fellow artists. With the track currently counting well over 5 million Spotify streams, quite an accomplishment for such a deep tune, the Danish tastemaker has continued to deliver heart-warming records, standing out from his contemporaries with gentle yet amazingly produced tunes.

Following this year’s return to Spinnin’ Records with the airy beats of ‘Sweet Days’, the exclusive sound of Caius now reaches another milestone with brand new single ‘In The Sun’.

If ever, this is the record he was destined to make. Leaning heavy on a series of easy-going guitar licks and a sweltering, soulful vocal, the record delivers a laidback groove drenched in spacious sound effects. Diving deep in reverb and filtered echoes, ‘In The Sun’ aptly resembles the feeling of a searing summer day, as the mood is both relaxed as it is excited.

Some chords in this track appear fuzzy while other parts provide the dance energy of a sun-drenched beach party. Caius might stay close to his trademark jazzy vibes and warm filtered sound, ‘In The Sun’ also underlines the next step in his musical evolution, bringing in a classic house sound that honors some of the Danish producer’s 00’s heroes. He’ll take you right into 2021’s summer with it.

“Before making ‘In The Sun’ I had been contemplating some months about how a contemporary take on French House/Sampled house of the early 00s would sound today. The soulfulness of tracks like Modjo – ‘Lady Hear Me Tonight’ or Roger Sanchez – ‘Another Chance’ is really unmatched to me. But it seemed like the style somewhat died out in the mid 00s, probably due to how hard it is to clear samples. So when I made ‘In The Sun’ it was one of my first attempts of channelling this vision into a production. And like often times when you grasp in the dark something magical just happened completely unintended.” – Caius