If I could describe Sharam Jey's house music label Bunny Tiger, it'd be cool. Everything from the imposing, groovy bass lines to the hard knocks, street aesthetic has kept this imprint sounding great. Coming close to it's 10 year anniversary, there has been major talent such as Vanilla Ace, Purple Disco Machine, Teenage Mutants, and Destructo make contributions.

Prepare for a triple threat collaboration with Chemical Surf, Woo2tech, and Sharam Jey himself, delivering one of the best releases so far this year. I Can Tell You brings you deep disco with a techy, futuristic beat. The standout vocals will quickly lodge themselves in your head, especially Dubdisko's remix, which takes the track to a whole new level with a considerably more elevating breakdown and dirtier bass line. Other remixes included come from Touchtalk, Dmitri Saidi, and Thomaz Krauze, with Touchtalk bring an electro tinge to his version and Dmitri and Thomaz taking the traditional, Ibiza house route.

It'll be hard not to hear this track in the coming months. For a roller coaster ride of a year 2020 has been, house fans are deserving of some quality goods. The EP will officially be released this Friday.