Ultra Music Festival is officially leaving Miami. The festival and Miami City Council were expected to have a meeting tomorrow about the coming years. But, Ultra has “voluntarily terminated” their license before the meeting happened.

Leading up to this years event, there was quite the debate from the Miami City Council against Ultra about where the festival was going to be held. Festival-goers even began to wonder if the festival was going to happen. After much debate, the festival settled on Virginia Key Beach as their new home.

This year's festival proved to be the most difficult with a sudden location change and only a few months in order to prepare. Somehow, Ultra pulled it off. The issues with transportation were the biggest fault, as festival goers found themselves walking miles in order to catch the festival provided shuttles. But, it still wasn't enough.

“After listening to feedback, it's clear that the festival experience on Virginia Key was simply not good enough,” said Ultra in their statement, “Our attendees expect us to deliver on our commitment to excellence.”

Ultra Music Festival has been in Miami since 1999. Throughout its history, the famous music festival has had many different locations including Miami Beach, Bicentennial Park, Bayfront Park and most recently, Virginia Key Beach and the Miami Marine Stadium.

Final details about next years event and location will be available soon per Ultra. Until then, we will be reminiscing on Ultra's last year in Maimi.

Find Ultra Music Festival's Official Statement below: