Recently, Dj-producer, DallasK, has released two brand new tracks titled “All My Life” and “Self Control.” These brand new tracks are the first time the talented producer has featured his own personal vocals on a track. He has now shined a new light on a talent that many us never expected he had before. The new tracks definitely contain two completely different vibes. “All My Life” is a super catchy track that will probably have you singing along in no time. It gives f a happy atmosphere that will indeed have you smiling throughout its entirety. You won't be able to resist dancing to this high-strung track; trust me, I've tried. This is the perfect song to get anyone excited or hyped at any dance party. Distinctively, “Self Control” is a very sentimental track that will surely touch your heart. The track is about the difficulties facing a troubled relationship that is somehow destined to end. It is about trying to have the self-control to let go your significant other, even though you may not want too. DallasK's soothing vocals add that feeling heartbreak and pain throughout the track, providing a meaning that reveals heartbreak is never easy. DallasK has definitely given us two beautiful tracks that show just how strong our emotions can be, whether it's being happy or sad. He has definitely revealed that he does not only know how to produce but that he can sing phenomenally in whatever he creates. Check out the two new tracks below.