The electronic music scene just witnessed a seismic shift as two powerhouse artists, Bobby Blakdout and Dabow, join forces for an electrifying B2B release. The dual singles, “FRESH” featuring MC Eiht and “WERK” featuring KXNG Crooked, are primed to ignite dancefloors and redefine the genre. These singles are dropping via Bobby’s independent label Blak’d Out.

Fresh & Were ‘Blak’d Out’

Bobby Blakdout and Dabow, both renowned for their boundary-pushing sound and innovative approaches to music production, have captivated fans and critics alike with their individual releases. Now, their collaboration is set to create an explosive fusion that promises to be greater than the sum of its parts.

Bobby Blakdout

“FRESH” ft MC Eiht showcases Bobby Blakdout and Dabow’s masterful blending of hip-hop and electronic elements. MC Eiht’s iconic West Coast flow seamlessly intertwines with the duo’s intricate production, resulting in a track that’s destined to become a modern anthem. MC Eiht, is an American rapper and actor. Many of his songs are based on his life in Compton. His releases have been featured on Doggy Style Records & Epic Records.


On the flip side, “WERK” ft KXNG Crooked delves into uncharted territory by fusing KXNG Crooked’s razor-sharp lyrics with an electrifying electronic backdrop. Bobby Blakdout and Dabow’s collaboration with the acclaimed rapper pushes sonic boundaries, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible within the realms of both hip-hop and electronic music. KXNG Crooked, is an American rapper from Long Beach, California. He is best known as a former member of the hip hop supergroup Slaughterhouse and has released singles on Death Row Records, Shady Records and Empire just to name a few.

The anticipation surrounding these B2B singles has been building since the announcement, and fans are eagerly counting down the days until the August 11th release. The music world is abuzz with excitement, as industry insiders predict that “FRESH” and “WERK” will become instant classics and set a new standard for collaborative electronic releases.

In an era marked by constant musical evolution, the partnership between Bobby Blakdout and Dabow shines as a beacon of creativity and innovation. As fans around the globe await the drop of “FRESH” and “WERK,” it’s clear that August 11th will mark a pivotal moment in the electronic music landscape.

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